Recent Publications

A series of scarves I weave with thrums was featured in the March/April 2020 edition of Heddlecraft magazine. Although these projects are quite different than much of my weaving, I am glad I have a series of projects which helps me use up the waste yarn created in the weaving process. These projects can be used as scarves, table runners or over the back of a chair. I enjoyed writing up these projects, including the recipe for creating them, and also writing about my weaving process in general because it helped me reflect on my process.

Upcoming Sales and Events

All of the spring and many of the early summer craft sales and events have been canceled or postponed.

The St. Johns Farmers Market has suspended sales from non-food vendors until further notice. The Gathering of the Guilds has been rescheduled for fall of 2020. The Portland Handweavers Guild sale will be incorporated into the Gathering of the Guilds Sale.

All my trunk shows and studio visits until July 2020 have been canceled but I am available by Skype for questions and textile conversations.