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Recent Publications

A project idea of mine was included in the January/February 2022 edition of Handwoven magazine. I am thankful to the project grant from the Portland Handweavers Guild which helped me develop this idea and, hopefully, other project ideas to come.

Gathering of the Guilds 2021

Gathering of the Guilds was held online in 2021. I was honored to be included in the promotional material for this event.

Recent Publications

A series of scarves I weave with thrums was featured in the March/April 2020 edition of Heddlecraft magazine. Although these projects are quite different than much of my weaving, I am glad I have a series of projects which helps me use up the waste yarn created in the weaving process. These projects can be used as scarves, table runners or over the back of a chair. I enjoyed writing up these projects, including the recipe for creating them, and also writing about my weaving process in general because it helped me reflect on my process.

Gathering of the Guilds 2022


I will be sitting the Gathering of the Guilds out this year. I hope to be back to in person sales by the end of the summer. I will have a scarf for sale at the gathering of the guilds in a special section of the textile aisle to fundraise for Mercy Corps' emergency response in Ukraine. The scarf is woven with Lunatic Fringe's 5/2 mercerized cotton in a network drafted pattern in colors inspired by the Ukrainian Flag. Hope those sells at and attending the show have a great experience getting back together in person.

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