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Walnut and logwood dyed scarf

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The warp of this scarf is dyed with walnut hulls and logwood. The weft is a commercial 100 percent wool yarn from Harrisville yarn. The scarf has a soft and lofty feel. The length is 92 inches (including the hand twisted fringe) and an 8=6.5 inch width. The scarf is woven with 100 percent wool yarns. The different widths of logwood and walnut hull dyed yarn add visual contrast and interest to the scarf's pattern. The length makes it appropriate for wearing twisted around the neck (as pictured) or wearing at it's full length outside other garments. Although it is made of wool the twill weave structure makes for a lighter wear and this scarf can be worn in most seasons as well as tied tightly for warmth in the winter.

Care instructions will be included in each purchase but generally these will be handwash only in cold water with a fiber specific cleanser. All sales are final (no returns or exchanges). If you have questions or concerns please contact me through e-mail. If you are in the Portland,OR metro area I am happy to meet up in person to let you examine several pieces.

Length: 92 Inches

Width: 7 Inches

Tassle Length: 6.5 Inches

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